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Sustainable high-omega fish oils

July 23 2018 - News

Oceans provide the biggest source of protein in the world. Fisheries and aquaculture combined, the annual global fish production reaches well over 170 million tons. The majority of it is for human consumption and feed production, but the demand from the pet food industry is on the rise. As pet owners increasingly look for healthier, protein-rich pet foods, more and more brands are putting fish on their menu – and not just any fish.


In an effort to contribute to safe and sustainable sourcing, and guarantee the quality of their products, most pet food producers choose to work exclusively with certified marine ingredients. Whether it’s fish oil or fishmeal, every ingredient must be traceable to the source; every step in the production process must be accounted for. At IQI we offer our customers all the transparency they can wish for. And certified by two independent controlling bodies, we’re also offering a choice.


The strictest requirements and conditions

IQI has been granted two international sustainability marks for its premium fish oils and fishmeals. And it’s not that both certifications were handed to us on a plate, far from it. IFFO, the international marine ingredients organization, and Friend of the Sea, a leading certification project for products originated from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, both impose the strictest requirements and conditions. In order to get certified, we have to demonstrate our commitment to responsible sourcing, manufacturing and supply. And to complicate matters, we have to do it twice.


Two organizations, one goal

IFFO and Friend of the Sea are two independent organizations working towards the same goal: improving quality. IFFO acts on behalf of fish oil and fishmeal producers and their trade associates and works to strengthen the global standing of the industry. Friend of the Sea, on the other hand, focuses more on energy efficiency and social accountability. Their aim is to make sustainability a reality and convince people of the importance of purchasing and consuming only certified sustainable seafood.


Strictly separated production lines

Carrying two quality marks gives IQI a clear advantage, but offering customers something to choose from comes at a price. Qualifying for IFFO and Friend of the Sea means having to work with two strictly separated supply chains, starting at the source. From the transport and storage of ground materials to the processing of the final product, at all stages contamination must be prevented at all costs. For instance, if a sample of IFFO-fish oill is found to contain even the smallest fragment of non-IFFO material, then the whole batch instantly gets written off. And the same goes for Friend of the Sea. Irresponsible conduct and production irregularities are sanctioned right away. As we don’t wish to lose our credentials, at IQI we have a vested interest in following the book. Working within clear guidelines, we serve our clients best.

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