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April 04 2024

Promoting sustainable pet food with algae DHA as a ‘green’ source of omega-3

Ever since omega-3 is regarded as a healthy supplement in human diets, pet parents have been targeting this ‘healthy fat’...

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March 27 2024

Feeling the pulse of innovation at Petfood Forum 2024

Hard to believe that Petfood Forum is already around the corner. I’ve attended this inspirational trade show for almost twenty...

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March 07 2024

IQI’s vision for 2024: Looking forward to an exciting year ahead

The year 2023 was one of positive change for IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients. Last October, IQI joined OSI Group

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October 26 2023

Building on IQI’s strong market presence to expand our business

Five months ago, I had the pleasure of joining IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients as the new sales leader in North...

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September 20 2023

Why Protéger™ is the perfect ingredient for promoting plant-based proteins in the pet food industry

As long as the growing use of alternative proteins in pet food has been debated, I’ve noticed a sharp divide...

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August 28 2023

IQI takes the lead in boosting co-creation in the pet food industry

At the last edition of Petfood Forum we invited a number of our suppliers to join us at our customer...

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June 05 2023

‘Protecting’ and promoting astaxanthin as a key ingredient for premium pet food

Thermostability is a well-known, critical issue for pet food manufacturers. In short, it means that the unique structure and chemical...

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April 20 2023

Petfood Forum 2023: the booster event for co-creation in our industry

For us at IQI, Petfood Forum is truly a highlight of the year. It is the only event that focuses...

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April 12 2023

Leveraging the human collagen peptides trend to help our pets with mobility

As obsessed with their looks and afraid of wrinkles as humans often are, the promise of healthy skin has been...

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