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How we work

IQI specialises in serving the regional and global pet food industries. Our working method is based on quality, transparency, global sourcing & logistics and innovation. This enables us to ensure the premium quality of our pure products, which are optimised to meet the latest demands of the pet food industry and thereby fulfil consumer expectations of pet food contributing to good health, well-being and long life.


By having full control of our supply chain, we can guarantee the quality, purity and safety of our products. We have close relationships with our trusted global suppliers and perform periodical audits to verify compliance with agreed quality standards and working processes. When required, we perform additional quality checks and product upgrades at our distribution and warehousing facilities in Coevorden (Europe) and Tracy (North America), as well as at other IQI logistic hubs. Our facilities in Coevorden have been certified as Manufacturing Plus (GMP+) and those in Tracy as Safe Quality Food (SQF).


We offer our customers full transparency of our supply chain, including information on the quality, purity and full traceability of our ingredients. Our products come with a unique IQI Quality Passport that can be accessed with the order number via a secure login portal. This online information portal offers all relevant documentation relating to contract overview and volume balances, past deliveries, tracking and tracing back to origin (health certificates), results of analysis and transport documents.

Global sourcing & logistics

We ensure a smooth logistical process using global sourcing of ingredients in 26 countries and offer warehousing solutions for year-round availability of seasonal products. Our services include sourcing on demand, transport and arranging veterinary documents. We also perform any required quality checks, foreign body removal (i.e. metal, plastic, wool/hair), screenings, additional antioxidant dosing or repackaging from bulk to big bags or small bags. As well as dried and liquid products, IQI also handles frozen products. We ensure on-time delivery of premium ingredients from the source to our customers in 60 countries around the world.


We closely monitor the latest trends in the pet food industry and pro-actively develop new products for our customers to meet market demand. Our focus on innovation and business development is an essential part of our added value to the pet food industry. We successfully responded to recent market demand for ‘grain free’, ‘natural’, ‘free from’ and ‘high protein’ products and now anticipate greater focus on specific pet needs, animal welfare and sustainability.

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