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Global Partner to the Pet Food Industry

Our company was created with the aspiration to supply premium ingredients to the pet food industry. We turned this into a key specialisation through the global sourcing of pure products, transparency of the supply chain and establishing long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. Today, IQI is a trusted strategic partner with a large number of exclusive partnerships in the global pet food industry.


From trading company to trusted partner

In 1994, IQI (International Quality Ingredients) was founded as a trading company specialising in the supply of proteins to the pet food and feed industries. Today, IQI is a global industry partner that specialises in pet food ingredients. We offer dedicated solutions for the entire process from sourcing ingredients to warehousing, quality checks and improvement, logistics and distribution. Ingredients originating from 26 countries pass through the IQI logistic hubs each day for on-time delivery to customers in 60 countries around the world.

Constant quality improvement

At IQI we actively pursue constant product quality improvements and closely follow market trends. Our global team continuously searches for new, innovative ingredients and finds possibilities to unlock the full potential and value of existing (by-)products. This enables us to support the pet food industry in developing innovative new products to meet the expectations of their consumers.

Ethics and sustainability

As part of our Global Supplier Audit Program, we periodically review working conditions at our supplier’s plants. Likewise, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain. We do so by valorising by-products of the food industry and avoiding food going to waste. Whenever possible, we actively source and promote more sustainable and ethical product choices with attention to animal welfare.

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