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Case studies

Working together with our suppliers and customers, as well as research institutes, we regularly explore the possibilities of innovative ingredients and help pet food manufacturers to react quicker to emerging trends – thereby building further on a sustainable and resilient pet food industry together. Co-creation allows us to test new ingredients for which we already have a reliable supply chain in place. So how does this go about? With the case studies listed below, we hope to give you an insight in our partnerships and how they contribute to the pet food industry.

March 28 2023

Co-creating sustainable pet food using high-quality bread meal

Bread meal as a sustainable pet food ingredient   FeedValid is specialized in valorizing raw materials and process side streams...

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March 28 2023

Gemeinsame Herstellung von nachhaltigem Haustierfutter aus hochwertigem Brotmehl

Brotmehl als nachhaltige Zutat   FeedValid hat sich auf die Aufwertung von Rohstoffen und Prozessnebenströmen aus der Lebensmittelindustrie in hochwertige,...

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