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IQI b.v. – Privacy Statement

In this privacy statement we inform you which personal data IQI b.v. (hereinafter also referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’) collects in the context of the service provision and for what purpose. We think it is important that your data are handled carefully and ensure that the personal information you provide to us is handled in confidence. In brief, our privacy statement means that in respect of your personal data we will:

* Only use them for purposes which have been agreed with you

* Carefully secure them: protect your personal data in accordance with GDPR standards

* Provide you with the opportunity to exercise your personal rights & freedoms

* Answer any questions you have regarding your privacy


Personal data which are processed

We can process personal data as you have provided those yourself when completing one of the forms below on our website and/or because you are using our products and services or you provide us with your products or services. We will explain these options in this statement.

You are using our contact form

If you are only visiting our website no details are kept, such as your IP address for example. If you use the contact form on our website, the following data will be processed:

* Name

* Email address

* Telephone number

* Your question


If you use the registration form to receive our newsletter on our website, the following data will be processed:

* Name

* Email address


If you use the download form (for white papers for example) on our website, the following data will be processed:

* Name

* Company name

* Email address

* Telephone number


If you use the call me back form on our website, the following data will be processed:

* Name

* Telephone number

We process these data to:

* contact you by telephone or, if you are not available, by email to enquire whether you are interested in other products and services

* only email you to enquire whether you are interested in other products and services

* or wish to receive further information about our products and services


Protection of children’s privacy

We understand the importance of protecting children’s privacy in the interactive world of the internet. Our website has not been designed, nor is intended, for children below the age of 18. It is our policy to never knowingly and wilfully collect or retain data of children under the age of 18, unless they form part of a specific instruction in the context of our service provision.


Social media share option

Our website includes or may include functionalities through which you can promote or share its content (‘like’) on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. These functionalities work via small pieces of code originating from Facebook or LinkedIn respectively. This code places cookies on your device. When visiting our website you can decide whether or not to allow these cookies to be placed. If you permit these cookies, we recommend that you read the privacy statements of Facebook and LinkedIn (which may regularly change). They explain what they do with your (personal) data which they process via these cookies. We have no influence or control over this.



During a data transfer we use the so-called SSL-security system (Secure Socket Layer) in connection with a 128/256-bit-encryption. This technology offers the highest security and is also used by banks for data protection during online banking for example. You can see that your data are sent in an encrypted form by the key symbol or locked padlock in the status bar of your browser. When we receive your data, we protect your data in accordance with the standards as set by the GDPR. We protect your data by physically protecting the access to our building and through technical measures such as the protection of the equipment and files we make available to employees.


Retention period

We will not retain your personal data for longer than is strictly necessary to realise the above listed purposes for which your data are collected.

You make use of our products and services or we make use of your products and services.

If you make use of our products and services or we make use of yours, we process your data in order to be able to realise the purposes which we have agreed with you. In the processing of your personal data we only act on the basis of the following processing grounds as included in the GDPR.

* Performance of an agreement


If the processing of personal data is necessary to comply with our obligations under an agreement.

* Statutory obligation


If we are obliged to process your personal data in order to comply with a statutory obligation, such as keeping records for tax purposes or the provision of information to a governmental or law enforcement body.

* Your permission

If necessary we will ask your specific permission to process particular personal data. We will not collect more data than is strictly necessary for which you have given permission.

* Legitimate interest of the organisation

Legitimate interest of our organisation: we process your data to be able to improve our products and services for example.


Sharing personal data

We only share personal data with third parties if this is necessary for the handling of your requests and/or insofar statutory provisions or professional standards prescribe or permit this. We work with service providers or firms with a good reputation and only transfer the personal data to them which enable them to render their services. They also comply with the GDPR and process the data in accordance with the law.

Inspection, rectification and/or removal of personal data

You have the right to ask us which of your personal data are stored in our data files. If you are of the view that those personal data are not, or no longer, correct or complete, you can request that we supplement, rectify or remove your personal data.

We will process requests for inspection, rectification and/or removal within one month. If your request cannot, or not yet, be carried out, we will notify you of this within this period, stating reasons. To prevent abuse, you must submit this request in writing via We will confirm your submitted request as soon as we have received it. To be able to process your request we may ask you to identify yourself.


Privacy Statement, subject to change

Our Privacy Statement is subject to change. All changes to the Privacy Statement will be indicated on this page. We recommend that you consult the Privacy Statement on a regular basis so that you are always up to date of the content of the currently applicable Privacy Statement.


Contact details

If you have questions which have not been answered in this Privacy Statement or if you have suggestions or comments on the content or if you have complaints about the manner in which we handle your personal data, please contact us. You can use the contact details at the bottom of this page to this end. To prevent abuse we may ask that you identify yourself.


IQI b.v.
Smallepad 32
3811 MG Amersfoort, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 850 185 400



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