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IQI’s lamb meal is an excellent source of protein and essential amino acids. It is made from high-quality side-stream products of the lamb meat processing industry. Therefore, making it a sustainable pet food ingredient.

Quality control
We have more than 25 years’ experience in sourcing, upgrading and providing the highest quality lamb meal from Australia and New Zealand. Our dedicated warehouses in Europe and North-America focus on quality control and processing the product. IQI has a strict supplier approval program to ensure the high quality expected by today’s pet food customers.

Download the leaflet to learn more about the product offerings, specifications and unique benefits of lamb meal for pet food formulations.

March 28 2024

Grain-free pet food solutions for today and tomorrow

Representing about one third of the global pet food market, grain-free ingredients are a popular choice amongst today’s pet parents. IQI therefore offers several grain-free solutions, each with different characteristics...

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February 20 2024

Unleashing the power of algae with AlgaPrime™ DHA P3

Can you imagine pets that wouldn’t enjoy the numerous health benefits that algae provide? IQI now offers AlgaPrime™ DHA, a highly concentrated and sustainable algae biomass powder for various pet...

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November 29 2023

Salmon meal and hydrolysates

Salmon meal and salmon hydrolysates are an important source of protein, beneficial long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and essential nutrients, available in a broad range of specifications to suit a wide...

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October 18 2023

Trusted Thai sweet potato pellets: natural, healthy & grain-free

With this new ingredient, we aim to help you serving pet parents that actively target grain-free pet food – avoiding wheat, rice, corn, and other grains in the diets of...

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October 11 2023

Offering alternative, plant-based proteins with ProtégerTM

As evidence of the beneficial health effects of fermentation on human food is growing, the demand in fermented pet food ingredients is on the rise as well. Answering to the...

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September 12 2023

Dried chicken collagen powder as alternative for pork gelatin and collagen

Valued for their high protein content and strong binding capability, pork skin gelatin and collagen are important sources of functional collagen for pet food manufacturers. In recent years, chicken has...

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February 13 2023

Choosing the best source of protein: a case of the chicken or the egg?

Spray-dried chicken meat powder (CMP or dried chicken) and pure whole egg powder are two excellent sources of high-quality, functional, and palatable proteins. Both offer nutritional value and health benefits...

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June 13 2022

Intro lamb meal product

IQI’s lamb meal is an excellent source of protein and essential amino acids. It is made from high-quality side-stream products of the lamb meat processing industry. Therefore, making it a...

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June 13 2022

Chicken plasma powder versus egg white powder

Spray-dried chicken plasma powder and spray-dried egg white (albumen) powder are two important sources of functional protein and other essential nutrients. Yet there are specific benefits to choosing chicken plasma...

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February 17 2022

IQI potato flakes and mixes

IQI’s pure potato products are a nutritional, sustainable and versatile source of protein and nutrients for pet food applications. Potatoes offer different possibilities for improving the protein content, structure and...

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January 17 2022

IQI dried chicken FP82

IQI dried chicken FP82, made from food-grade pure chicken with no use of by-products, is a fully soluble, nutritional powder with a very high protein target content of 82%. It...

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September 20 2021

The most popular health & wellness claims & the IQI ingredients that can meet these special needs

Functional health claims are driving the global pet food market. Pet parents want to give their four-legged companions food that contributes to their health and well-being, targets specific health issues,...

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April 22 2021

Chicken broth powder

IQI chicken broth powder, made from human food-grade fresh chicken meat and bones, is a nutritious replacement for water in pet food formulations. It is rich in protein, has a...

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April 22 2021

Chicken meat powder (CMP)

Chicken meat powder (CMP) is a nutritional powder with a very high protein content. It has high protein digestibility and is palatable to both cats and dogs. CMP is made...

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April 22 2021

Chicken liver hydrolysate (CLH)

Chicken liver hydrolysate (CLH) is a nutritional, hypoallergenic hydrolysate powder that is obtained from human food-grade, fresh chicken livers. It has a high protein content, high digestibility and is very...

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July 06 2020

Animal protein powders

What are the possibilities and benefits of using premium animal protein powders in dry pet food products? Find out more about the effects of different production technologies, raw materials and species on...

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June 16 2020

Poultry plasma powder

Spray-dried animal plasma is widely recognized by the pet food industry as an important functional and palatable ingredient. But do you know why? Read up on the unique benefits of...

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June 16 2020

High Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega-3s are essential fatty acids for most mammals, including humans. But how do their biological functions work? And what is the best method to ensure sufficient levels? Download the leaflet...

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