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The most popular health & wellness claims & the IQI ingredients that can meet these special needs

September 20 2021

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Functional health claims are driving the global pet food market. Pet parents want to give their four-legged companions food that contributes to their health and well-being, targets specific health issues, or caters to the specific needs of their age group. This demand provides many opportunities for pet food manufacturers. But what are the most popular functional health claims and which ingredients can be used to meet them? 

According to a recent survey amongst almost 1,400 consumers in North America who buy pet food and treats, the five most popular functional health claims for pet food and treats are: 

  1. Healthy digestion (58%) 
  2. Muscle, joint & bone health (52%) 
  3. Skin/coat care (49%) 
  4. Immune system support (46%) 
  5. Heart/cardiovascular health (40%) 

At IQI, we supply a diverse range of high-quality ingredients to meet these and other popular functional health claims. Read our blog

Would you like to learn more about these and other ingredients? Please download our leaflet on IQI pet food ingredients that meet ten different health and wellness claims in pet food and treats.

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