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Animal protein powders

July 06 2020

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What are the possibilities and benefits of using premium animal protein powders in dry pet food products? Find out more about the effects of different production technologies, raw materials and species on final product characteristics and functionality.

The pet food industry is increasingly using “meat”, “hydrolysate”, “broth” or “collagen” as a label claim on its dry pet food products. This claim can be authenticated either by utilizing a fresh meat slurry or by using premium animal protein powders. But do you know their many different possibilities?

For example:

  • Dried animal protein powders benefit from improved digestibility, natural flavor and preservation of the raw materials compared to traditional rendered protein meals.
  • Animal protein powders are produced from different species, using different kinds of raw material and therefore require different production technologies.
  • Consequently, the final animal protein powder product may have different parameters in terms of technical functionality, palatability and digestibility.

In our latest product leaflet you can read about the effects of different production technologies, raw materials and species on the final product characteristics and functionality.

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