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IQI's response to the corona virus (Covid-19): More in our news update

IQI’s vision on sourcing, logistics & warehousing

September 13 2021 - News

As a partner to the global pet food industry, IQI offers dedicated solutions for the entire process from global sourcing of ingredients to warehousing, quality checks and improvements, logistics and on-time distribution. In our vision paper we provide insight into our working methods, which are dedicated to the ‘first time right’ supply of the ingredients our customers require with the right timing and quality. Our working methods are based on quality, innovation and transparency in the supply chain – with a strong focus on tomorrow’s pet food industry.

Sourcing process

IQI offers a diverse range of pure ingredients with unique properties, specific benefits and different functionalities for all pet food applications. In our vision paper we explain why our sourcing process is key to identifying potential ingredients with the right characteristics and quality to meet market demands. We specialize in ingredients that are more difficult to source, such as poultry plasma, high omega-3 fish oil, GOS prebiotics, krill meal, cellulose fibres and algae DHA. Our effective procurement process, investment in the relationship with new suppliers and our own quality control ensure that ingredients are always in accordance with the agreed specifications.

Warehousing solutions

Our distribution and warehousing facilities in Coevorden (Europe) and Tracy (North America) both offer warehousing solutions for year-round availability of seasonal products and also perform any required quality checks, foreign body removal, screenings, additional natural or synthetic antioxidant dosing or repackaging from bulk to big bags or small bags. By offering a diversified range of ingredients, we can always supply our clients with ingredients that cater to their specific needs and maintain the right balance between functionality and cost. In order to keep on meeting market demand, in the coming years we will further increase our focus on working in partnerships with both our suppliers and our customers to build even more flexibility into the supply chain.

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