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ASC-certified ingredients by IQI petfood

June 07 2022 - News


At IQI, we care about our ingredients being sustainable. Our marine ingredients, such as trout, shrimp and salmon are some examples. Next to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), IQI also works with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC): the world’s leading certification scheme for aquaculture.

Environmental and social impact

The ASC label only appears on seafood from farms that have been independently assessed and certified as being environmentally and socially responsible. The ASC standards focus on both the environmental and social impact of farming. Farms must show that they actively minimise their impact on the surrounding natural environment. This extends to careful management of the fish health and resources. Farms also need to operate in a socially responsible manner, caring for their employees and working with the local community.

Credible standards

ASC standards for responsible aquaculture are based on best practices and sound science. The measurable, metric- and performance-based standards apply globally to farming systems covering a range of locations, types and scales of operations. In order to be granted this certification, IQI has successfully passed the ASC audit. This sustainability audit is focused on supply chain assurance, by establishing whether all suppliers have been certified and whether the fish species is part of the certificate.

We aim to further strengthen our sustainability efforts and expand our ASC portfolio. Currently, the following IQI marine ingredients can be ASC certified:

  • Freshwater trout
  • Salmon
  • Shrimp

Working towards a more sustainable, responsible pet food industry

We are grateful to ASC for their certification programs that recognize and reward sustainability efforts worldwide. The importance of sustainable and responsible pet food practices is more relevant than ever before. Read our  to learn more about IQI’s efforts in these areas and our vision for a more sustainable and responsible pet food industry.






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