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Refined, deodorized and winterized fish oil

Pure fish oil is a beneficial ingredient rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that offer different health benefits to cats and dogs. It can be added directly to the pet food formula to ensure functional levels of these fatty acids and a healthy balance between omega-3 and omega-6. Together with its partner Olvea, IQI is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of fish oils for the pet food industry, including refined, deodorized, and winterized fish oil, which is of the highest quality for use in pet food and has a neutral odor. 

Pure fish oil is made from either whole fish, specific fish parts, or from a side stream of the filleting or canning industry for human consumption. IQI sources globally, thereby guaranteeing a year-round supply of highly consistent, refined, deodorized, and winterized fish oil. Winterization makes fish oil easier to handle for the pet food producer. Our fish oil can be further mixed according to customer demand to guarantee a specific content of the two most important omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Of the various specific pet health benefits this offers, a notable one is managing inflammatory problems in the prevention and treatment of diseases. DHA is also reported to support healthy joints, skin/coat, heart, eyes, and brain function. 

White papers and product leaflets about Refined, deodorized and winterized fish oil

January 08 2023

Seaweeds as a rich source of prebiotic dietary fibers and important nutrients for pet food

Seaweeds are unique ingredients that offer a number of health benefits for pets, such as cats and dogs. The most important property of these marine macroalgae is their very high...

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October 06 2022

Finding the right ingredients to support health and wellness claims

Health and well-being claims are driving the global pet food market. Such claims on pet food packaging can help pet parents make the right choices for keeping their cats or...

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April 25 2022

Black soldier fly as a sustainable and nutritious pet food ingredient

In the coming years, the demand for alternative proteins is expected to increase. This is due to growing consumer interest in sustainability and a widening gap between increasing demand and...

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November 29 2023

Salmon meal and hydrolysates

Salmon meal and salmon hydrolysates are an important source of protein, beneficial long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and essential nutrients, available in a broad range of specifications to suit a wide...

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September 12 2023

Dried chicken collagen powder as alternative for pork gelatin and collagen

Valued for their high protein content and strong binding capability, pork skin gelatin and collagen are important sources of functional collagen for pet food manufacturers. In recent years, chicken has...

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February 17 2022

IQI potato flakes and mixes

IQI’s pure potato products are a nutritional, sustainable and versatile source of protein and nutrients for pet food applications. Potatoes offer different possibilities for improving the protein content, structure and...

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June 10 2021

Choosing the right omega-3 source for making functional health claims

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IQI News Vitamin d and fish oil
March 10 2020

Controlling vitamin D in pet food using deodorized (high n3) fish oil

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for pets, such as cats and dogs, but high concentrations can be dangerous. Due...

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