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Black soldier fly as a sustainable and nutritious pet food ingredient

April 25 2022

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Black soldier fly BSF

In the coming years, the demand for alternative proteins is expected to increase. This is due to growing consumer interest in sustainability and a widening gap between increasing demand and decreasing supply of traditional animal and marine proteins. Insects offer an alternative source of protein with interesting applications as a sustainable and functional pet food ingredient. Hermetia illucens, or black soldier fly (BSF), is the only insect species currently commercially viable for pet food applications. BSF larvae, BSF meal, and BSF oil offer a sustainable source of high-quality protein and other nutrients, including essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. BSF larvae and BSF meal have specific benefits for the health and wellbeing of cats and dogs, due to their excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic properties, and their prebiotic dietary fiber content.

In the latest white paper by Geert van der Velden, IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients’ Innovation Manager, he discusses the interesting possibilities of using BSF-derived ingredients in pet food applications.

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