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Petfood Forum 2023: the booster event for co-creation in our industry

April 20 2023 - Blog

Petfood Forum 2023

For us at IQI, Petfood Forum is truly a highlight of the year. It is the only event that focuses on suppliers and the growth of the pet food industry. We look forward to enjoying time with you in Kansas City in May. What better way to find out how we can best support our industry with new and innovative ingredients than by inviting visitors to our booth and discussing matters at our ‘open table’.

IQI’s open table

‘Open table’ is the theme of our booth at Petfood Forum 2023. We are trying to recreate the feeling of sitting down at your kitchen table, where you feel comfortable having open conversations and discussions. We would like to invite Petfood Forum visitors to sit down at our table to help us understand pet food manufacturers’ needs and the challenges they are facing, what kind of issues they are dealing, and what else is important to them.


Our ‘open table’ talks are centered on transparency, innovation, and collaboration. At IQI, we don’t just sell ingredients, we support our customers to make sure that the ingredients they purchase, offer the specific benefits they are seeking. Most pet food manufacturers today are looking for unique ingredients that will make them stand out in the market. Some may focus on specific health issues, breed-specific pet food, or senior pet nutrition, for example, while others want to focus on sustainability. By working closely together with both our suppliers and pet food manufacturers, we create unique, functional ingredients with added value and of consistent high quality.

Unlocking unique ingredients

Our ‘open table’ talks enable us to easily make suggestions for ingredients to try, the best applications, or to suggest a co-creation arrangement to work on innovation together. We would like to take away the hesitance that some manufacturers feel about trying new ingredients, simply because of the sheer amount of work that goes into the research and regulatory aspects. At IQI, we try to make that process a little less overwhelming for our customers by doing part of that work upfront through co-development with our suppliers.

Meet our suppliers

Our suppliers will also be available for ‘open table’ talks during the week. Corbion products include Algae DHA omega-3 long-chain fatty acids and Houdek has launched Proteger, a premium plant-based fermented protein from soybean. Proliver will be there to discuss chicken protein products, such as chicken liver hydrolysate and chicken meat powder, CSF can explain its lamb meal, and Fiordo Austral will promote hydrolyzed salmon.

Join us at Petfood Forum 2023

We are excited to see you in May and wish you a successful Petfood Forum. Are you interested in meeting us and our suppliers to discuss possibilities for co-creation? Please contact me to set up a meeting and join us at our ‘open table’.

About Mark Oostendorp

Mark Oostendorp is IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), responsible for managing our facilities in the Netherlands and the USA and giving further shape to IQI’s strategic choices and the continuous increase of added value within the petfood supply chain. Mark has more than 25 years of international leadership experience for different companies in the fields of food, agriculture and biotechnology. 

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