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IQI introduces plant-based fermented protein Proteger

February 09 2023 - News

The health and wellbeing of cats and dogs is the top concern for pet parents. Consumer trends show that they are becoming increasingly aware of how high-quality pet food contributes to a longer and healthier life of their 4-legged companions. Likewise, the interest in sustainability is growing. 


Launch of Proteger

At IQI, we aim to provide ingredients that combine the two. Recently, IQI launched Proteger, a premium plant-based fermented protein. This innovative processing concept is initially used to process non-GMO, pellet extracted soybean meal. North American soybean meal is used because of its sustainability aspect (no land use change) and because of ample supply. 


A unique fermentation process

Soy is an excellent protein source for pets, as it provides a well-balanced amino acid profile. Our partner Houdek works with non-GMO soybean meal protein. The company uses a unique fermentation process that creates a highly digestible and palatable protein that improves gut micro-biota, reduces intestinal inflammation, and boosts metabolic processes.  


Application in a wide variety of pet foods

IQI’s plant-based fermented protein Proteger is sustainable and fully traceable, right back to the farmer’s field. It has been designed for application in a wide variety of pet foods, from snacks and treats to different kinds of wet and dry pet food. Proteger can be easily extruded and has a neutral color, odor and flavor. It’s also the perfect sustainable ingredient for plant-based and hybrid pet foods. In order to control and further optimize this sustainability, IQI applies an LCA to Proteger.  


Contact us:

For more information on Proteger, contact our sales team:


Roeland Vreeswijk 

Yvette Gerritsen 

Lukas Tyborski   

North America: 

Chris Schneider 

Julie Ninneman 

Paul Verderber 

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