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Meet Proliver – chicken meat powder

January 16 2018 - News

Founded in 2010 as a spin-off of a poultry processor, Proliver manufactures a complete range of natural proteins out of food grade chicken and turkey. Like us, the Belgium-based company is all about quality. Using a state of the art production facility, and exclusively processing chicken and turkey, they guarantee 100% DNA purity. For a reason, as of 2016, Proliver is our exclusive provider of Chicken and Turkey premium meat powders.


The Proliver concept is unique in the world as it processes poultry products into high quality proteins and fat within 24 hours after slaughtering. But that’s not the only thing that sets the company apart. For Constant Vanneste, managing director at Proliver, the most distinguishing feature of Proliver is its innovative and game changing production process. ‘When the Verbinnen family started their business three generations ago, there was no such thing as poultry leftovers’, Vanneste sets out. ‘People bought entire chickens, scraps and bones were left to the dogs. Today, poultry is mostly sold as a finished product. The carcasses, still full of meat, remain at the slaughterhouses, waiting to be rendered into a fatty ground material for chicken snacks. Proliver makes better use of chicken and turkey residue by taking on a completely different approach.’


Flagship product

Through an innovative separation process, Proliver is able to transform chicken and turkey carcasses into high quality, low-fat and protein-rich powders for the food and pet food industry. ‘The trick is enzymatic hydrolysis’, Vanneste explains. ‘By concentrating the meat and removing all remaining insoluble particles before spray drying, we produce a quality product with excellent digestibility and palatability. Premium meat powders bursting with natural proteins and extremely low in calcium, fat an ash.’ CMP75, one of Proliver’s flagship products, and the basis for IQI’s Chicken and Turkey premium meat powders, offers many benefits to the pet food industry. Exclusively made from food grade ground materials, it contains no less than 75% of proteins and only 12% of fat. The powerful powder is ideal for balancing protein levels in pet diets, increasing digestibility and reducing allergenicity.


Concentrated quality

With a guaranteed protein content of 75%, Proliver’s CMP75 contains triple the amount of proteins found in a regular chicken filet. The concentrated quality in this meat powder makes it a much sought-after ingredient. Adding to the popularity of Proliver’s powders is the guarantee that their quality is never compromised in the process. Vanneste: ‘We take our time and stick to our procedures. Using low temperatures, we prevent the proteins from damage and secure a microbiologically safe final product. Only by spray-drying our powders, we can guarantee optimal palatability and maximum digestibility.’

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