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Offering fermented plant protein ingredients with Protéger™

August 24 2023

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Acting as the building blocks of vital tissue – such as muscles and organs – in all living creatures, proteins are an essential element in the diets of cats and dogs. But while animal proteins currently serve as the main source of protein thanks to their palatability, digestibility, and affordability, the need for alternative proteins is growing fast. Enter Protéger™, a fermented plant-based protein product developed by Houdek, a U.S.-based partner of IQI. How is this unique ingredient made? How does it support pet’s health? And why embrace a shift towards plant-based products such as Protéger™? 

In his latest white paper, IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients’ Innovation Manager Geert van der Velden takes a deep dive and explains what Protéger™ has to offer. 

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