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Collagen as an increasingly popular functional ingredient in pet food

October 30 2023

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Collagen as an increasingly popular functional ingredient in pet food

As a nutritious, functional, and highly digestible source of protein, collagen is becoming a popular and highly targeted pet food ingredient. Pet health benefits of collagen range from supporting healthy skin and coat to promoting bone development and healthy strong cartilage and joints for mobility. Collagen is present in various animal-based pet food ingredients, such as chicken and fish, but can also be supplemented as pure collagen. The latter can benefit cats and dogs suffering from a damaging effect on the skin and/or reduced mobility related to aspects like daily wear and tear, genetic issues of certain dog breeds, UV rays, stress, and aging. There is growing evidence that collagen supplementation can help mitigate these effects – especially for older cats and dogs. 

In the latest white paper by Geert van der Velden, IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients’ Innovation Manager, he discusses the interesting possibilities of using collagen as a supplement in pet food applications. 

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