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A functional and cost-effective pre-cooked corn ingredient in an unstable market

March 09 2021

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At the start of the new year, pet food manufacturers were confronted with price increases for a number of ingredients. Due to complications relating to Covid-19 and other natural and traderelated causes, certain raw materials have become more expensive and less readily available. Corn is one such example. Over the past yearcorn prices have skyrocketed. Together with our supplier Codrico, IQI now introduces Suprex Corn Pet Food as a functional and cost-effective alternative to other precooked corn-based ingredients. 

Corn is widely used in pet food as a natural and wholesome ingredient that supplies protein and mainly carbohydrates. In order for a cat or dog to fully benefit from its nutritional properties, corn needs to undergo heat treatment to ensure that the starch is gelatinized (cooked) in order to make it digestible. Suprex Corn Pet Food is precooked at a fully controlled cooking temperature, which makes it easily digestible by cats and dogs. The heat treatment also ensures inactivation of enzymes, inactivation  of anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) and the elimination of pathogens. 

The perfect ingredient for coldpressed pet foods
Suprex Corn Pet Food is produced as a co-product of premium humangrade pre-cooked corn, which makes it very cost-effective. Besides the protein digestibility, Suprex Corn Pet Food contains unsaturated fats and is rich in mostly insoluble crude and dietary fibers, which are important for a balanced dietSince it is pre-cooked and therefore easily digestible, Suprex Corn Pet Food is the ideal ingredient for coldpressed pet foods. In terms of processing, Suprex Corn Pet Food is cold water soluble, has excellent free flowing properties, and very good emulsifying and water binding properties. Up to 30% can be easily added to pet food formulas. 

Only naturally grown high-quality raw materials
With its central location in Rotterdam harbor and more tha50 years’ experience in milling and heat treatment, our supplier Codrico maintains full quality control over the whole supply chain and only uses guaranteed naturally grown high-quality raw materials for its ingredients. Suprex Corn Pet Food is orange/yellow in color and has an odor and taste typical of maize. Suprex Corn Pet Food is made from guaranteed non-GMO maize which is processed for heat treatment and milling on a wheat-gluten-free production line. 


About Geert van der Velden

Geert van der Velden is IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients’ Innovation Manager responsible for Business Development, generating new products and concepts that meet the needs of existing and new customers. Geert has more than 25 years’ experience in the international pet food industry and has gained knowledge and experience in many sections of IQI’s business.


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