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Turkey meat powder

Turkey is the second largest poultry species used in animal farming. While turkey meat is widely recognized as an important protein source in North America, it is still emerging as a pet food ingredient in Europe. The nutritional profile of turkey is comparable to chicken. Turkey meat is an excellent source of protein and a great natural source of glucosamine, a building block of cartilage tissue. The combination of turkey and sweet potato is especially popular in pet food applications. 

Turkey meat powder (TMP) is produced via enzymatic processing of turkey carcasses, such as backs, breastbones, necks, and skins, and by spray drying the end product at low temperature. This gentle process conserves the proteins’ bioactivity and amino acid structures. The product contains minimal calories, fat, ash, and calcium, but is full of essential electrolytes. Pure turkey meat powder contains at least 75% crude protein (with a quality more than comparable to egg white protein or whey protein) and serves as a powerful energy source for pet food applications. Last but not least, there is no risk of deterioration during shelf life. 

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