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Tuna hydrolyzate

Tuna is very much appreciated for its meat-like texture and because it is a lean meat. Tuna oil is famous for its content of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acid DHA and is often used in infant formulas to assist brain development. Tuna is also the favorite claim ingredient in wet cat diets. Skipjack tuna is predominantly used in pet food. According to the National Fisheries Institute, skipjack is one of the most frequently found species of tuna in canned and pouched products as it is particularly sustainable compared to albacore, yellowfin, and other tuna species. 

Tuna hydrolyzate

Spray-dried tuna hydrolyzate is the premium version of IQI's tuna meal and is made from fresh skipjack tuna side streams of the human food production process. The tuna products are processed via hydrolyzation into a fine powder that can be applied to pet food directly. Spray-dried hydrolyzate can be used for hypo-allergenic diets, for diets requiring a higher protein and lower ash level, or for diets that require superior digestibility. Typically, spray-dried ingredients are also preferred for application in treats. The fineness of the spray-dried powder compared to rendered meal has advantages in low-temperature treat applications. 

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