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Natural flavor powder

Palatability is a key item in pet food. Any ingredient that assists or even improves the palatability of pet food is more than appreciated. With the strong growth of cat and small dog populations, the percentage of 'picky' eaters has also increased. Added to the humanization trend and the strong growth in senior pets, the palatability of pet food has become increasingly important. Palatability can be enhanced by using more palatable ingredients, but also by using ingredients that fortify the sensory effect of savory ingredients. A natural ingredient that does this is caramelized sugar. This natural product without additives (so not caramel color) has a long track record in fortifying savory and coffee flavors in food.

IQI is cooperating with Royal Buisman concerning caramelized sugars for application in pet foods. Caramelized sugars are light to dark brown or powders (they can also be a liquid, but IQI focuses on selling a pure powder), which are obtained by the traditional process of controlled heating of carbohydrates. Royal Buisman offers so-called Natural Caramelized Sugars (NCS). NCS are made from carbohydrates only, without the use of reactants. Caramelized sugars as flavorings

In the EU, flavorings must comply with the Regulation (EC) No. 1334/2008.

Functional benefits of adding a natural flavor to pet food:

Clean ingredient

  • ‐No E-nr
  • ‐No additives used in the process
  • ‐No maltodextrin used for the dried product (pure caramelized sugar)
  • ‐Unique manufacturing process


  • Superior flavor compared to caramel coloring

Color-enhancing effect:

  • Lots of experience in the meat-processing industry

IQI solutions:

  • A unique, pure, dried caramelized sugar:

‐NCS 15 P

‐NCS 23 P

  • Product available in bag in box (25kg)
  • 24-month shelf life

White papers and product leaflets about Natural flavor powder

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December 14 2021

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June 15 2020

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October 18 2023

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February 13 2023

Choosing the best source of protein: a case of the chicken or the egg?

Spray-dried chicken meat powder (CMP or dried chicken) and pure whole egg powder are two excellent sources of high-quality, functional, and palatable proteins. Both offer nutritional value and health benefits...

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March 09 2021

A functional and cost-effective pre-cooked corn ingredient in an unstable market

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