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Miscanthus fiber powder

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Miscanthus fiber powder

Miscanthus, also known as elephant grass, is a giant grass originating from Asia. It grows in very diverse conditions, has high biomass yields, requires little cultivation effort, and needs very little fertilization. One of its many applications is as a sustainable and functional pet food ingredient rich in insoluble fibers, which are important for healthy bowel functioning. Miscanthus can be used as an all-natural alternative to purified cellulose powder, which is produced using a chemical production

Miscanthus fiber powder

Miscanthus fiber powder is made from 100% miscanthus grass. This non-GMO perennial crop is harvested and lightly processed into flour using no chemicals or other added ingredients. Miscanthus fiber powder can be used in pet food directly. It contains around 79% insoluble fibers, 1% soluble fibers and 13.5% xylooligosaccharides (XOS). XOS are polymers of the sugar xylose that act as a prebiotic. The pet health benefits of miscanthus fiber pellets include feline hairball control, dental health, weight management, and fecal consistency. Miscanthus fiber powder can also be blended with other natural sources of dietary fibers. 

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January 08 2023

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December 14 2021

Natural dietary fibers as an important and versatile functional ingredient in pet food

Dietary fibers are increasingly recognized as an important functional ingredient in pet food. The main distinctions in functionality are between soluble versus insoluble fibers and fermentable versus non-fermentable fibers. These...

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March 09 2021

A functional and cost-effective pre-cooked corn ingredient in an unstable market

At the start of the new year, pet food manufacturers were confronted with price increases for a number of ingredients. Due to complications relating to Covid-19 and other natural and trade-related causes, certain raw materials have become more expensive and less readily available. Corn...

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