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Lamb meal

The majority of all lamb that is used in the pet food industry originates from by-products of lamb meat production from Australia and New Zealand. This makes lamb fat, lamb meal, frozen lamb plucks, and frozen lamb MDM more sustainable ingredient choices. Australia and New Zealand have the perfect geographical and climate conditions for sheep farming for wool or for meat. An often-forgotten element of Oceanian sheep farming is that it is all free range. IQI specializes in supplying this high-quality pet food ingredient and offers year-round availability of this seasonal product.

Lamb meal is an excellent source of high-quality protein, fats, and other essential nutrients, such as minerals and a wide range of amino acids. High-quality rendered lamb tissues, such as skeletal muscle and internal organs, are dried and ground into a meal. IQI has a strict supplier approval program and 25+ years of experience in sourcing, upgrading, and providing lamb meal. Our lamb meal facilities in Europe and North America perform quality control and the screening and cleaning of the lamb meal, removing all foreign bodies. This ensures a pure, clean, and high-quality product that is ready-to-use. IQI lamb meal consists of 55-62% proteins, 16-24% minerals and 10-15% fats.

White papers and product leaflets about Lamb meal

June 13 2022

Intro lamb meal product

IQI’s lamb meal is an excellent source of protein and essential amino acids. It is made from high-quality side-stream products of the lamb meat processing industry. Therefore, making it a...

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June 20 2022

IQI’s free range lamb meal

Lamb meal is a typical ingredient that is an excellent source of high-quality protein and other essential nutrients. IQI specializes...

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March 10 2022

Lamb meal as a high-quality source of protein for pet food

Pet parents are increasingly looking for healthy pet food made from pure and high-quality ingredients. Lamb meal is a typical...

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April 08 2021

IQI invests in new Rotex screener for lamb meal at its European warehouse

IQI has recently commissioned a new Rotex screener for lamb meal at our warehouse facility in Coevorden (Europe). By investing...

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