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IQI invests in new Rotex screener for lamb meal at its European warehouse

April 08 2021 - News

IQI has recently commissioned a new Rotex screener for lamb meal at our warehouse facility in Coevorden (Europe). By investing in this equipment, following an extensive testing phase, we have further improved the high quality of our lamb meal and increased the efficiency of our logistical services. Compared to our previous set-up, the Rotex screener improves the sifting and cleaning process of the lamb meal and severely reduces the processing time.

See the Rotex screener in action:


The new Rotex screener has a much larger screening surface and a Gyratory Reciprocating Motion of the screener to quickly and efficiently remove foreign bodies, such as plastic particles, wool and hair, from the lamb meal. A larger version of the same screener was already in use at our facility in Tracy (North America). This means IQI now ensures a year-round supply and on-time delivery of the same high-quality lamb meal from Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), a seasonal product, from both of our warehouse facilities.

Besides the screening and cleaning of lamb meal, our facilities in Europe and North America both offer in-house processing and inspection, foreign body removal (wool/hair, metal and plastic), natural antioxidant dosing, quality checks and labelling, screening and repacking into bulk, big bags or small bags of different ingredients. As well as dried and liquid products, IQI also handles frozen products. Our facilities in Europe and North America are instrumental for on-time delivery of premium ingredients, such as lamb meal, from the source to our customers around the world.

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