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GOS MALTO powder

Prebiotics are used in pet food for several reasons, but primarily to promote the health and well-being of pets, particularly their digestive health. Prebiotics are non-digestible compounds that provide various benefits when consumed by pets. Pet food ingredients like inulin, chicory root, and other sources of dietary fiber can serve as prebiotics. These have been familiar ingredients for many years. The second generation of prebiotics, such as FOS, XOS, and GOS, are relatively lesser known to the pet food industry, but are already widely accepted in infant nutrition. 

Pure galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) are second-generation prebiotics well known for their use in infant formula and adult human food products. GOS are produced from lactose in cow’s milk, which is converted through an enzymatic reaction into a fully natural, complex mixture of oligosaccharides. The non-digestible, soluble fibers contribute to good gut health by stimulating the growth of health-promoting bacteria. GOS offer immune system support, as an effective reinforcement against digestive disorders, and aid the production of lipids, energy, and vitamins. GOS MALTO Powder is produced via spray drying using maltodextrin as a carrier agent and can be added to all types of pet food as a high-quality premium powder supplement. 

White papers and product leaflets about GOS MALTO powder

December 14 2021

Natural dietary fibers as an important and versatile functional ingredient in pet food

Dietary fibers are increasingly recognized as an important functional ingredient in pet food. The main distinctions in functionality are between soluble versus insoluble fibers and fermentable versus non-fermentable fibers. These...

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July 19 2021

Finding the right ingredients for senior pet nutrition to support healthy aging

Many countries have a strong aging pet population as well as a human one, which accelerates market demand for senior pet nutrition. Ensuring that cats and dogs get the right...

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October 24 2019

GOS prebiotic pet food ingredient stimulates a healthy gut

The use of prebiotics is a significant trend in the food and pet food industry. Prebiotics support the natural defence barrier by increasing and stimulating ‘good’ microflora in the gastrointestinal...

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March 07 2023

Collagen on the rise: from human ‘superfoods’ to healthier pet food snacks

As I strolled around the annual SuperZoo trade fair in Las Vegas last August, I was struck by the number...

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December 14 2021

Exploring the wonderful world of dietary fibers as a functional pet food ingredient

Increasing interest in dietary fibers While interest in dietary fibers is increasing, many people still wonder why cats and dogs...

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September 20 2021

How to meet the five most popular functional health claims

Functional health claims are driving the global pet food market. Pet parents want to give their four-legged companions food that...

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