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Chicken meat powder

Chicken is the most common animal protein source in pet food for a number of good reasons. First of all, it is abundantly available globally and a relatively trouble-free animal species in terms of export health certifications and religious sensitivity. Animal welfare initiatives with regard to chicken, such as slow-growing breeds and increased outdoor access, are adopted globally. Chicken’s carbon footprint is relatively small while by-products, such as chicken meal, chicken MDM, and chicken plasma, have an excellent nutritional profile or functional properties. 

 Chicken meat powder (CMP) is by no means comparable to chicken meal due to the differences in raw materials and processing techniques. The chicken carcasses used as the raw material do not contain any grains – guaranteeing a gluten-free final product. By removing the bones and fat, CMP is turned into a low-calorie ingredient that contains at least 75% crude protein. It is low in fat, ash, and calcium but full of essential electrolytes. Low temperature spray drying is used to increase shelf life and to conserve the valuable benefits and bioactivities of the protein and amino acid structures. 

White papers and product leaflets about Chicken meat powder

July 19 2021

Finding the right ingredients for senior pet nutrition to support healthy aging

Many countries have a strong aging pet population as well as a human one, which accelerates market demand for senior pet nutrition. Ensuring that cats and dogs get the right...

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February 15 2021

Low-ash chicken meat meals are in high demand in the pet food market.

IQI’s premium chicken meat powder is a highly nutritional pet food ingredient which is high in protein and low in fat and ash. The high quality powder is made from...

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October 26 2020

The benefits of chicken plasma powder in pet food applications

Spray-dried animal plasma (SDAP) is well recognized by the pet food industry as an important  functional and palatable ingredient. It is used as a source of protein and has excellent...

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September 12 2023

Dried chicken collagen powder as alternative for pork gelatin and collagen

Valued for their high protein content and strong binding capability, pork skin gelatin and collagen are important sources of functional collagen for pet food manufacturers. In recent years, chicken has...

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February 13 2023

Choosing the best source of protein: a case of the chicken or the egg?

Spray-dried chicken meat powder (CMP or dried chicken) and pure whole egg powder are two excellent sources of high-quality, functional, and palatable proteins. Both offer nutritional value and health benefits...

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June 13 2022

Chicken plasma powder versus egg white powder

Spray-dried chicken plasma powder and spray-dried egg white (albumen) powder are two important sources of functional protein and other essential nutrients. Yet there are specific benefits to choosing chicken plasma...

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June 13 2022

Chicken plasma powder as a more functional protein source than egg white

It is another case of the chicken or the egg. Eggs contain essential nutrients that offer interesting possibilities to help...

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April 28 2022

Choosing the best source of protein: a case of the chicken or the egg?

    Pet food manufacturers looking for high-quality sources of protein have different ingredients from which to choose. Two excellent...

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January 16 2018

Meet Proliver - chicken meat powder

Founded in 2010 as a spin-off of a poultry processor, Proliver manufactures a complete range of natural proteins out of...

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