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Beef broth powder

Beef has historically been and remains an important claim ingredient for pet food. A lot of side streams are generated from the production of beef for human consumption, which offer interesting possibilities for pet food applications. By-products of the beef industry include meat trimmings, bones, fat, and organs. IQI cooperates strategically with large beef processors to create sustainable solutions for developing multiple value-added and functional beef-based pet food ingredients. 

In human cuisine, broths are famous for being a tasty source of collagen. Broth or bone broth is also regarded as a premium pet food ingredient. It is mostly used in wet pet food recipes and also applied as a liquid topper to pour on extruded kibbles. The collagen found in broth can help improve the skin and coat condition of pets, and reduce mobility problems related to bones, muscles, and cartilage. Bone broths are produced by cooking bones and defatting the derived soluble proteins. The liquid product is concentrated and then spray dried to form a pure beef broth powder. This product, as supplied by IQI, is of European origin and produced in a human-grade facility. 

White papers and product leaflets about Beef broth powder

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