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IQI welcomes new innovation manager

February 09 2019 - News

IQI Welcomes New Innovation Manager


IQI is pleased to announce the appointment of Geert van der Velden as its’ new Innovation Manager. Effective February 1st , 2019, Geert will be responsible for Business Development, generating new products and concepts that fit the needs of existing and new customers. Leaving a 20-year international career at Sonac, Geert is ready to take on the challenge. “This is the opportunity I’ve been aiming for.


Working as Sales Manager and Business Developer for one of the world’s leading producers of reliable and sustainable feed, food and pet food ingredients, Geert van der Velden gained knowledge and experience in many corners of IQI’s business. Moreover, over the years he has built up a strong network of different producers all over the world. From Southeast Asia to the Americas, from Africa to Australia, when it comes to doing international business Geert knows his way around.


More focus and control

After nearly two decades with Sonac, Geert van der Velden is eager to try his hand on an innovative and agile niche player. He is looking forward to starting in his new role at IQI, especially as it aligns naturally with his entrepreneurial interests and skills. Geert: “It certainly is a privilege to be part of a large, global organization like Darling Ingredients, but generally the scale of business comes normally at a cost. It’s not always easy to set your own course; the sheer size of the organization dictates having a narrower span of control.” Another reason to switch teams and join IQI is more focus. Acting both as a Sales Manager and as a Business Developer, Geert had to divide his time and attention between the two disciplines. “The job within IQI means that I can now fully focus on innovation, which is in the end the closest to my heart.”



With Sales out of his hands, as an Innovation Manager Geert can now focus on what he does best: developing new products and exploring new markets. Relying on his extensive experience and network of contacts in the by-products industry, Geert is confident he’ll be a valuable asset for the future of IQI. “As pet humanization is expanding and also entering into the pet food world, consumer demand is changing every day. For us, that’s an opportunity rather than a threat. Whatever pet parents want, IQI is agile enough to respond. We are ready to deliver.

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