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IQI's response to the corona virus (Covid-19): More in our news update

The catch of the year

January 16 2018 - News

For IQI, the New Year couldn’t have started any better. As of January 1st we have strengthened our team and our portfolio with the take-over of Smit & zoon’s Functional Oils division.

We welcome this new opportunity and – especially – the experience and dedication of our four new colleagues:


Niek Waanders

After working more than 25 years for Smit & Zoon’s Functional Oils division, Niek embarked on a new adventure in Ermelo with great enthusiasm. Starting in January, and together with his new colleagues from the commercial department, he will be responsible for the sourcing and sales of IQI’s premium pet food ingredients. Niek sees clear advantages in bringing dry ground materials and fish oils together in one company and is convinced that the acquisition will yield new business opportunities. A married father of two adult children, Niek likes to spend his free time on sports, good food and good company.



Bouke van der Zee

Bouke has been tried and tested as a producer of chemical components. Her working experience spans more than 15 years and as Project Engineer, and later Operations Manager she has personally contributed to the success of Smit & zoon’s Functional Oils division. At IQI she will be responsible for the integration of Functional Oils and other projects to realize the ambitions of IQI. Bouke loves her work at the office, but she’s evenly passionate about her family and the outdoors. A recent two-year family expedition, sailing to all corners of the world, stands testament to that.




Yvette Gerritsen

With over five years of working experience in the sales of starch and starch related products, and more than 13 years of built up expertise in the application of various types of fish oil, Yvette is a real asset for IQI’s commercial team. In her new role, Yvette is looking forward to taking on new challenges, as she’s eager to learn everything about our industry. For Yvette, teaming up with IQI is the natural thing to do. She’s passionate about dogs and horses and wants to learn as much as possible about their dietary needs.




Richard van Ditzhuyzen

Richard has earned his stripes as a logistical specialist. As a European staff member for Ecolab, formerly known as Nalco, he was responsible for hazardous material returnable packages. In his new role Richard will focus his attention on supply chain management, guaranteeing efficient (Lean!) sourcing and processing of fish oils for IQI. As a self-proclaimed number cruncher, Richard is looking forward to optimizing our processes and working together with his new colleagues to contribute to an effective medium-term growth strategy. Richard is devoted to quality, especially when it comes to spending time with his four children.

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