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Shrimp hydrolyzate

Next to salmon, shrimp is the best-known and most-consumed marine protein for human consumption. While some shrimp comes from (MSC) fisheries, such as Norwegian and Dutch shrimp, the majority of all shrimp consumed originates from aquaculture. Historically, this industry developed strongly in south-east Asia, in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and China. In recent years, however, South American countries like Ecuador have developed strongly as a supplier of shrimp. Side streams of this industry offer possibilities for pet food. 

Spray-dried shrimp hydrolyzate is a premium pet food ingredient produced from side streams of the human food production of shrimps from aquaculture. The shrimp shells and heads are processed via hydrolyzation and spray dried to form a fine powder that can be applied to pet food directly. By using a hydrolysis process, the protein content and protein digestibility of the shrimp powder can be substantially increased. This widens the application possibilities in pet food. Due to the technical challenges of processing the shrimp shells and heads into value-added ingredients for pets, the use of shrimp co-products for pet food applications is still in its infancy phase. 

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