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Dried duck

Duck is a popular animal protein source in pet food. The meat is typically rich in fat and contains various micronutrients, including iron and selenium. Its high-quality proteins provide a variety of non-essential and essential amino acids. As it is extremely flavorful, duck meat is also especially popular as a human food in Asia and also in parts of Europe. Although ducks are predominantly farm raised, they are often associated with game birds. No allergies or intolerances are associated specifically with duck.

IQI dried duck is a co-product of the production of duck fat, also known as confit or graisse de canard in France, where duck fat is a famous regional specialty dish. Duck fat production takes place in human food grade facilities without any use of by-products, such as the head, feet, or viscera. Pure duck meat is dried for use in pet food. Typically, pure dried duck is higher in protein and lower in ash compared to a duck by-product meal. The ingredient is very palatable as dried duck is more or less fried in the duck fat.

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