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Algae DHA liquid suspension

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Microalgae for use in pet food are grown under controlled conditions through heterotrophic fermentation in closed reactors. Non-GMO microalgae convert renewable, sustainable plant sugars into algal biomass in a few days. The resulting culture is then processed with a rapeseed oil to create Algae DHA in liquid suspension. This pet food ingredient has a minimum DHA content of 33%. Of the various specific pet health benefits DHA offers, a notable one is managing inflammatory problems in the prevention and treatment of diseases. DHA is also reported to support healthy joints, skin/coat, heart, eyes, and brain function.

White papers and product leaflets about Algae DHA liquid suspension

November 26 2020

Microalgae as a clean source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acid for pet food

Microalgae are microscopic organisms that present unique opportunities as a functional ingredient in pet food applications. The most important property of certain species of microalgae is their high content of...

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January 08 2023

Seaweeds as a rich source of prebiotic dietary fibers and important nutrients for pet food

Seaweeds are unique ingredients that offer a number of health benefits for pets, such as cats and dogs. The most important property of these marine macroalgae is their very high...

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June 15 2020

Full-fat krill meal: excellent natural source of nutrients for pet food

Pets need a well-balanced diet for optimal health. Antarctic krill is a functional, sustainable and traceable MSC-certified marine ingredient that combines a number of important nutrients. Processed into full-fat krill...

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February 20 2024

Unleashing the power of algae with AlgaPrime™ DHA P3

Can you imagine pets that wouldn’t enjoy the numerous health benefits that algae provide? IQI now offers AlgaPrime™ DHA, a highly concentrated and sustainable algae biomass powder for various pet...

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June 16 2020

High Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega-3s are essential fatty acids for most mammals, including humans. But how do their biological functions work? And what is the best method to ensure sufficient levels? Download the leaflet...

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December 14 2022

How to ensure functional levels of EPA and DHA using sources as fish oil and algae DHA

An omega-3 label claim does not necessarily mean a healthy diet – if only the short-chain omega-3 fatty acid ALA...

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November 01 2022

Corbion and IQI strengthen their partnership for supplying sustainable Algae DHA for pet food applications

Corbion and IQI strengthen their partnership for supplying sustainable Algae DHA for pet food applications On the 3rd of October,...

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Algae DHA-the game-changer of the omega-3s-petfood ingredient
March 24 2022

Algae DHA: a game-changing sustainable source of long-chain omega-3s

When we think of omega-3s, we usually think of fatty fish, such as salmon. However, the reason why fish contain...

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