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IQI's response to the corona virus (Covid-19): More in our news update

Latest News

June 22 2021

What I’ve learned during my first 100 days in office

  Time flies. It has been over 100 days since I started in my new position as CEO of IQI...

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June 15 2021

Sourcing the right pet food ingredients to meet consumer demands

Pet humanization is one of the biggest trends in the pet food industry. Pet parents are increasingly aware of the importance of...

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June 10 2021

Choosing the right omega-3 source for making functional health claims

Many pet food manufacturers with whom I speak are increasingly interested in functional ingredients to meet market demand for healthy and nutritious pet food. Omega-3 fatty...

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June 08 2021

IQI opens up its European warehouse in a unique new video

Distribution and warehousing facilities IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients’ distribution and warehousing facilities in Europe and North America can normally only...

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June 03 2021

Fiordo Austral and IQI combine forces to supply salmon meal and hydrolysates to the North American pet food market

Partnership North America Fiordo Austral, the global market leader in salmon products, including salmon meal and salmon hydrolysates, for pet food and feed applications,...

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May 25 2021

The importance of EPA and DHA long-chain omega-3 fatty acids for pet health and well-being

Petfood Pro Technology & Marketing magazine In their June issue, Petfood Pro Technology & Marketing magazine has published an article...

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May 11 2021

IQI supports 15 projects through its social impact fund at Wakibi

IQI strategic partner of Wakibi In January 2021, IQI became a strategic partner of the Dutch microfinancing platform Wakibi. We...

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April 22 2021

My vision of tomorrow’s pet food industry: a transparent supply chain of innovative ingredients 

Pet parents are increasingly interested in aspects such as sustainability, animal welfare and organic ingredients. And they want to be sure about the purity, functionality and origin of ingredients. These and other trends require the...

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April 08 2021

IQI invests in new Rotex screener for lamb meal at its European warehouse

IQI has recently commissioned a new Rotex screener for lamb meal at our warehouse facility in Coevorden (Europe). By investing...

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February 23 2021

IQI contributes to Rabobank report on the rising demand for insect protein

  Future demand for insect protein In February 2021, the Dutch Rabobank issued a report on the future demand for...

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