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MSC certified ingredients by IQI Petfood

March 17 2022 - News

The continues growth of our global pet population poses a challenge: how can pet food companies meet the nutritional needs of today’s pets in a sustainable and responsible way, without failing to provide for future generations?

Protecting the future of our oceans and fish stocks

Some of the most important sources of nutrients come from the sea. IQI wants to contribute to the health of the world’s oceans by working with sustainable fisheries. To that end, a number of our marine ingredients has become MSC certified. This Chain of Custody certification serves as proof that our MSC labeled seafood ingredients come from well-managed, sustainable sources. Our certified products are traceable throughout the entire supply chain and kept separate from non-certified products. The MSC standards meet international best practice guidelines for certification and ecolabelling.

Sustainability audit

In order to be granted this certification, IQI has passed the MSC audit. This sustainability audit is focused on supply chain assurance, by establishing whether all suppliers have been certified and whether the fish species is part of the certificate. This needs to be verified forwards and backwards across the supply chain through traceability tests. Another aspect is mass balancing: showing that the same amount of a purchased certified product has been sold.

By passing the MSC audit, IQI has proven to follow these key principles:  

  1. Certified supply 

Companies must purchase certified products from a certified supplier 

     2. Identifiable 

Certified products are clearly identifiable 

    3. Separation 

Certified products are separated from non-certified 

   4. Traceable and recorded 

Certified products are traceable and volumes are recorded 

  5. Good management 

Companies have a management system that addresses the requirements of the standard 

IQI’s certified ingredients

We aim to further strengthen our sustainability efforts and expand our MSC portfolio. Currently, the following IQI marine ingredients are MSC certified:

Full fat krill meal
Herring meal
White fish powder
Sardine meal

Working towards a more sustainable, responsible pet food industry

We are grateful to the Marine Stewardship Council for their certification programs that recognize and reward sustainability efforts worldwide. The importance of sustainable and responsible pet food practices is more relevant than ever before. Read our e-paper on sustainability to learn more about IQI’s efforts in these areas and our vision for a more sustainable and responsible pet food industry. 

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