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Krill as a sustainable, alternative new protein source

July 16 2020 - News

In their May issuePets International magazine highlighted the importance of sustainable, alternative new protein sources, such as insects, algae and krill. The article Insects, algae and krill as alternative protein sources in snacks and treats’, by Karolina Holda, states that: 

“Their great abundance in waters makes krill one of the largest sources of protein on earth [..]. However, the global fish farming industry is increasingly relying on krill as food, so much so that they are in danger of extinction […]. Therefore, fisheries and manufacturers should participate in The Marine Stewardship Council – a certification program that guarantees seafood is harvested using sustainable methods and is traceable throughout the supply chain.”

At IQI we couldn’t agree more! That’s why we supply alternative new protein sources such as pure insects, macro algae (seaweed) and MSC-certified krill. Our highquality, MSC-certified, fullfat krill meal is an excellent natural source of protein, essential omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and other nutrients. Our latest whitepaper explains all you need to know about this functional and sustainable ingredient and how it could benefit you. 

You can download our whitepaper directly from our website: 

IQI also offers pure insects and algae, check out all of our pure products:

Or read the full article in Pets International. 

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