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IQI's response to the corona virus (Covid-19): More in our news update

IQI Summer Course

July 26 2021 - News

For pet food professionals

It’s summertime! These warm months are perfect for picnics, barbeques, long walks on the beach… and study. That’s right, what better time for a pet food professional like yourself to get ahead? Looking to innovate your products? Take advantage of these long, sunny days by getting studious with IQI.

All about health

The IQI Summer Course consists of valuable resources relating to this summer’s theme: health. What better way to boost the health of cats and dogs than through vitamin WP? Enroll to receive our White Paper vitamins in your mailbox; expect a new piece of professional literature each week.

The perfect summer read

Our white papers make for perfect summer reads. Transfer them to your e-reader to read them in the garden or on the beach, while sipping a cold drink. Make this summer both a fun and educational one. The curriculum will kick off with the unique health benefits of microalgae, the superfood of the future. So don’t miss it.

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Summer course for pet food professionals

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