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IQI contributes to Rabobank report on the rising demand for insect protein

februari 23 2021 - News

In February 2021, the Dutch Rabobank issued a report on the future demand for insect protein. As a supplier of pure insects for pet food applications, IQI provided input to the report on trends in the pet food industry and in particular those relating to insect protein. IQI supports the report’s main conclusion that demand for insect protein, mainly as an animal feed and pet food ingredient, could reach half a million metric tons by 2030, compared to today’s market of approximately 10,000 metric tons.

Insects are a good-quality source of sustainable protein. IQI believes that the production of insect proteins is important to keep up with the increasing worldwide demand for proteins. IQI offers a unique portfolio of insect fat, dried proteins and frozen insects for use in pet food. According to Rabobank, because of the sustainability aspects and functional benefits, there is great potential to develop specialized ingredients and products from insect protein for a variety of applications.

The report is available to download exclusively for Rabobank clients

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