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IQI's response to the corona virus (Covid-19): More in our news update

In light of International Women’s Day

March 08 2022 - News


The 8th of march is International Women’s Day. Betty McPhee, Vice President of Sales for North America at IQI Trusted Petfood, shares her thoughts and experiences on being a woman in our industry: “It’s a more even playing field than it used to be. But there’s still work to do.”


“I’ve been in the pet food industry for about 25 years now. Early in my career, it was very much a male dominated industry, with a handful of women in key roles. I remember trying to set up appointments with customers and they would ask, ‘Are you bringing a manager with you?’ Since then, the industry has moved towards a more cohesive business environment. It’s impressive to see how far we’ve come.”

The pet food industry

“The pet food industry used to mainly consist of men who worked in the feed industry. They looked at animals as food or a way of living, not as pets or companions. I feel as more women joined the business, the industry as a whole developed more of an understanding for the emotional aspect of having pets. Pets are part of the family. Thankfully, the industry has become aware that we need both men and women to contribute to our industry.”


I’ve received support and encouragement from wonderful people. My first job was working for Dr. Marvin Moose who started Ameri-Pac. Dr. Moose was a supporter of women in business. He introduced me to one of the top nutritionists in the industry, Dr. Gail Kuhlman. She was a great mentor for me. A believer in supporting other women who want to make a difference.”


“IQI believes in supporting women in leadership. Our operations director Parvin Singh and myself encourage growth in women, such as with our new national sales manager Julie Ninneman. She is a mother of two and wants to combine that with a successful career.”

“I‘m honored to work with women who prioritize mentoring and supporting others. Women like Leah Lambrakis, and Dr. Deena Krestel-Rickert. They believe in treating men and women with equal respect and encouragement. I am in turn proud to be able to support other women myself. I am in turn proud to be able to support other women myself.”

Moving forward

“Although great strides have been made, we are still on this journey. It’s important to continue to create awareness. My advice is to embrace what makes you unique, to be confident, and to act as the leader you would want to work for. In celebrating International Woman’s Day, I’m proud to be part of an industry and company that embraces and encourages women to be successful and to make a difference. Here’s to all the beautiful women in business who believe in themselves and in encouraging others!”

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