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Fish oil is vital for pets

juni 23 2018 - News

Since the acquisition of Smit & zoon’s Functional Oils division, at IQI we have a special interest in fish oil. And we are certainly not the only ones in the industry. Highly unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, found in anchovies, sardines and mackerel oil, are becoming increasingly popular ingredients in pet food. Following the insight that a rich and well-balanced diet is essential for human well being, more and more pet food producers acknowledge the value of dietary additives. What works for humans, also works for pets.


Essential fatty acids are vital to the body. But like humans, animals are not able to produce those acids themselves. For dogs and cats to experience the benefits of omega-3 and omega-6, the nutrients must be obtained from their diet. Supplementing the everyday menu of dogs and cats with essential fatty acids demonstrably adds to their quality of life. Fish oil supports the heart function, contributes to better vision and healthy joints, provides important nutrients to support the immune system and nourishes both skin and coat.


Wild-caught sardines and anchovies

Omega-3, especially, is important to the overall health of cats and dogs and therefore a much sought after nutrient in pet food. However, good quality is hard to find these days. Because of changing feeding patterns in the fish farming industry, where vegetable oil with little or no omega-3 has become the standard, salmon oil today contains far lower levels of the desired fatty acids. The solution to this problem is found in wild-caught sardines and anchovies. Rich in omega-3 they offer a sustainable source for powerful dietary supplements.


Pure quality

With the experience and technical know-how of the former Smit & zoon’s Functional Oils division within our ranks, at IQI we have everything we need to meet our customers’ specific demands. By sourcing the best marine materials, and following a full and effective refining process, we can offer our customers pure quality. Genuine fish oil, a premium ingredient for healthy dog and cat foods.

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