High Omega-3 Fish Oil the best option for health benefits

IQI’s High Omega-3 Fish Oil is the best option for health benefits in petfood . Research shows the benefits of High Omega-3 Fish Oils as developed by partners IQI and OLVEA. The High Omega-3 Fish Oil results in optimal inclusion levels. Moreover the IQI fish oil can be deodorized in order to fully manage the odor of the final pet food.

Omega-3 fish oils are recognized as beneficial by many consumers for their own health as well as for their pets health. However, not all fish oils are alike. Salmon historically has a positive reputation as a source for Omega-3. Unfortunately, due to changes in the diets of farmed salmon the absolute levels of Omega-3 have been reduced. This raises questions concerning (farmed) salmon oil being the best option in functional pet foods. 

Health benefits of Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) in fish oil 

EPA can be converted in vivo into anti-inflammatory components, thereby managing inflammation-based problems, such as joint, fur coat and heart diseases. Adding just 2.5% to 3.5% of premium fish oil to their diet yields substantial health benefits for both dogs and cats.

High Omega-3 fish oils richer in EPA and DHA

Farmed salmon oil is a sustainable and high quality nutritional oil, excellent to make the claim ‘with salmon’. For health benefits in functional petfood high Omega-3 fish oils are more suitable, as high Omega-3 fish oils are richer in EPA and DHA. The required dosage of farmed salmon oil to achieve the same benefits for pet food, is some 10%. In other words: to obtain similar contents of EPA and DHA in the final pet food, the total inclusion of farmed salmon oil required is 4x higher. Positive effects are more "space" in the pet food formula, a consistent high level of Omega-3 and less odour.

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